When tidying sentimentals I came across items that I realized where very painful to discover. I asked Marie how I should deal with items of a past life of mine by using the konmari method.  

MK: It’s unfortunate to speak of “rules” when we discuss love and loss, and heartbreak and pain, so forgive me but my ‘rule’ is that all of this stuff should be discarded.  If an item does not spark joy in us, or it is not something that we use regularly and need for our daily lives, then just what exactly is its purpose in our life?

Regarding your past life, you have experienced the joy, and you feel the pain, it is very likely you don’t need items in your home to remind you of either.  In fact it’s quite likely that living in an environment free of these items, which by their presence are something of a reminder of your pain, will help you feel better, freer and more ready for the next challenges and triumphs in your life. Sometimes it’s best not to think of ‘loss’ when something leaves our lives, it’s better to think of what we can gain in its absence.


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